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Beauty For All Seasons / Beauty By Jeunique Products

Have you been wondering where you can still get your Beauty For All Seasons products?
The products as you knew them are no longer available due to the closing of Beauty For All Seasons/Beauty by Jeunique in November 2011. I do have some products still on hand and you will find them listed below. It is hard to replace products you have loved and used for years. I would like to help you transition to similar products in color, quality and price.
A little background to where we are with product today. At the time of Beauty's closing, many of the Beauty consultants wanted to continue doing their color businesses. We found the Color Me Beautiful company and products were most closely aligned with what we had in Beauty. My goal was to stay in business first, but was always hopeful, we could keep the Color Alliance Lifestyle Palette and Signia portfolio for our image products. Thankfully, CMB owner, Steve DiAntonio saw the value in both Image tools. Please spread the word we are still doing color with the Color Alliance System.
Overall, many of the products are very comparable to colors we had with Beauty and we are very happy with the price and comparative quality in product.
Contact me for my comparison chart and advice on what would replace your favorites.
Some products they did not have that we knew were very popular like the AlphaCeuticals, and some of the colors in foundation, lipstick, blush, etc. CMB now has through matching them. Read on for more information.

Same Products or Closely Matched

Color Alliance Lifestyle Palette and Signia Portfolio
Product for flawless skin - Beauty For All Seasons in Manassas, VA
AlphaCeuticals with the AC Wash, AC Toner, AC Moisture Cream are in a collection and the AC Serums are purchased individually in Serum # 5, 10, 15, 20. We no longer have the larger bottles nor the smaller bottle but one that is a very good size that is in between the two sizes we had in Beauty. We have the same manufacturer and kept the same price range. AlphaCeuticals are still the best cleansing and maintenance system. I love it and so do many of the consultants and clients! That is why I fought to get it put in the line of products.
We have matched some of the favorites for those we did not have a comparable product. See if there are any of your tried and true products here.
Natural Beige - do you know the story behind Natural Beige Foundation? When we started with Color Alliance there was a gap in the foundation dolors we could recommend. They came up with the Natural Beige Color and it became one of Beauty's most popular foundations. Once again we had to match the color here for CMB and we now have it in stock.
Plum Sherbert Lipstick - After two years and two vendors we finally got a great match. It was our #1 Seller in Beauty for over 20 years and now is our #1 seller in CMB.
Appleberry Blush - A great midrange cool color.
Lip Pencils and Eye Pencils - Many of the same shades or close to it.
Beauty by Jeunique Products still for sale. There is a 50% Discount. Email or call for more information.
(3) Reflections Lighted Lip Gloss
(1) Lip Amplifier
(1) Liplife
(3) Sulfa med Concealer
(2) Apricot Sunset Duo Eye Shadows
Eye Shadows in magnetic 1 each
Eye Shadows in magnetic 1 each
Busy Bee unboxed
Champagne unboxed
Copperlit 2 unboxed and 1 boxed
Wisdom 2 unboxed
  • (3) Red cliff unboxed Magnetic
  • (1) Emotional Crème unboxed Magnetic.
Pressed Powder Sahara Finish
Lip Liner
  • (3) Amber Wooden
  • (1) Passion Wooden
  • (1) Pink Velvet unboxed
Eye Liner
  • Verde Mechanical (3)
  • Lapis Liquid