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Get ideas on how to find your Personal Style Expression, show the colors trending this season along with styles that enhance the different body shapes, show the different looks in makeup and application techniques. Informative and fun!

Image Training for Aspiring Image Consultants

This Color Me Beautiful Color and Image Certification Training is designed for you, if you have had a desire to help other men and women look their very best with the right colors and styles in wardrobe and makeup. This training is more than the basic four seasons. It is teaching the Color Alliance System of color analysis and the Signia style analysis.
As Executive Director and International Trainer for Color Me Beautiful, Jill Wylot, has developed this training course for CMB to be certified in the Color Alliance and Signia programs. With over 30 years of experience, she knows what it takes to build a successful business. She has trained hundreds of consultants through the years, both nationally and international.
Model - image training in Manassas, VA
Become a Color and Image consultant to teach others how to look their best with the right wardrobe, makeup and skincare. Jill Wylot offers image training for women and men throughout the US and Canada.
The preferred method to train is to take the 3 day training in person. Jill also offers an online training for those who just cannot travel.
This exciting image course runs 3 days. It is filled to the brim from start to finish with in-depth teaching on the concepts for:

Color Alliance – Color Analysis

  • Concept of Hue, Value, & Chroma in human coloring
  • Use of CA Coordinates, hue and seasonal drapes, 4 checks and balances in final determination of the individualized palettes
  • CA Lifestyle Palette and how to use for wardrobe planning and combinations

Signia Silhouette Analysis

  • How to determine face shapes, body silhouette
  • Best styles and lines for body line, necklines, accessories, patterns and hairstyles

Color Alliance Makeup

  • Selection of colors individualized to their specific seasonal name. Ex. True Azure Summer
  • Techniques for application of makeup

Skin Care Skin Skan Analysis

  • How to use the Skin Skan (Woods Lamp) and learn which products to recommend for the various skin needs.


  • Ideas for marketing your business
  • Tips on how to put a presentation together along with ideas of various topics

Calling All Business-Minded Women

Being an Image Consultant is richly rewarding, both financially and emotionally. This training is designed to help you advance as quickly as you want in this successful career path.
Change your life and begin a career as a Color and Image Consultant today! Benefits include:
  • Starting Your Own Business with a Minimum Investment of $635 for the Kit (Plus a $500 Training Fee)
  • Improving Your Overall Image While Helping Others Improve Theirs
  • Learning about the Latest Trends in Fashion, Makeup, & Skin Care
  • Earning Extra Income, Save for Retirement, Travel to Exciting Places

Training Tools

We have two kits for this training. The image tools and skin care are the same in each kit but the makeup colors differ. One carries the Color Me Beautiful makeup products. The other carries the Flori Roberts Cosmetics for Women of Color.
Color Me Beautiful Kit Model - color consultant in Manassas, VA

Color Me Beautiful Kit

Flori Roberts Kit - image training in Manassas, VA

Flori Roberts Kit

Color Me Beautiful Kit

All training sessions are held in Manassas, Virginia. Dates include:
  • February 15th-17th
  • March 22nd-24th
  • April 26th -28th
  • May 17th-19th
  • June 14th-16th
  • July 19th-21st
  • August 16th-18th
  • September 13th-15th
  • October 18th-20th
  • November 8th-10th
  • December 13th-15th

Request More Information About Training

Contact Jill to learn how you can become a Color and Image Consultant and help other women look great with the right colors, clothing, and makeup.