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Get ideas on how to find your Personal Style Expression, show the colors trending this season along with styles that enhance the different body shapes, show the different looks in makeup and application techniques. Informative and fun!

Training Testimonials

Find out your own colors and a makeover:

Hair Transformation - image consultant in Manassas, VA
Cheryl Harrington Russell, MA
Image Transformation - image consultant in Manassas, VA
Isabella Acosta, CA
Image Transformation - image consultant in Manassas, VA

3 Day Training Testimonials

"The color alliance training was absolutely incredible. The amount of information Jill covered in 3 days prepared me to launch my own business. Her expertise and teaching style made the experience one of the absolute best I have attended. She is an excellent teacher/style coach.
The cost was very affordable compared to other certification programs or college courses I have taken. I realized the return on my investment in the first month! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make an investment in themselves and their career."

Rachelle Havelka, PA
"For months I was hesitant to make the journey from Pittsburgh to attend the training, but I am happy I followed my desire to start a business that helps myself and others look their best.
The 3 day course prepared me for an exciting business venture in Color Alliance and made me look more vibrant, shopping is easier, my closet and my makeup looks great.
I feel blessed to have met Jill. She is a kind and patient teacher who continues to help me with my new business well after the training.
I highly recommend the training! It's money well spent and will save me thousands of dollars in the future now that I have learned what colors and styles work best for me. Not to mention I have started a new business!"
~Rachelle Havelka, PA

Sheon Wilson, NC
"I attended Jill's 3-Day Color Training as a refresher in 2014 and enjoyed it very much. Jill reviewed the color analysis steps that I've used with clients since I was first certified in CA in 2011 but also taught me new techniques. She helped me refine my presentation so I felt more confident. And she showed me simple things, such as a better way to arrange drapes around a client's neckline so the client could see how her seasonal colors harmonize with her skin, hair and eye colors. The training was well worth my investment of time and money.
~Sheon Wilson, NC

Kathryn Winterle Illo, NJ
"When I decided to become an image consultant, I researched the various color analysis systems and training programs in the field and concluded that the Color Me Beautiful product line and image consulting training program were the best value around. I was right!
The three-day training program with Jill Wylot was not only affordable, it was thorough and provided hands-on training in all aspects of image consulting. Jill's command of the subject matter, from color analysis to effective marketing, and her many years of experience, proved that I had made the best decision in choosing the Color Me Beautiful product line and image consulting training program. Jill's kindness, patience, gracious hospitality, and encouragement gave me the confidence to believe that I could become a skilled and successful image consultant.
The most surprising aspect of the training was that it did not end when the program had concluded. Because Jill is committed to the success of every consultant she trains, she offered to review the results of the complimentary color analyses that I provided to friends and family in order to practice what I had learned. Even though she and I live in different states, we were able to work together over the internet with photographs I had taken of them. In addition, Jill offers a weekly training session to all Color Me Beautiful consultants to keep us up-to-date on the product line and the latest trends in fashion and color. She also gives us marketing tips and tools to help us grow our businesses.
I highly recommend Jill's three-day image consulting training program."
~Kathryn Winterle Illo, NJ

Online Training Testimonial

Blair Massey, CA
"Taking the Color Alliance online training course with Jill Wylot was the best decision I could have made. The quality of the training was superior. Jill supplied a great deal of well-written material and visuals aids along with a detailed explanation and in-depth demonstration of the concepts used in this industry. Her teaching style was warm, friendly, and engaging. She covered each subject thoroughly and answered all my questions. When we were done I felt confident to go out and begin my image consulting business. Jill also made the training convenient to my schedule and life situation. As a mom, it was important to be able to work around my son's school schedule. Jill was able to schedule my training to fit this need.
Overall, this training was an investment of my time and money that was well spent and it helped me quickly launch a career that I truly love. I highly recommend Jill's Color Alliance online training course to anyone who wants to become an Image Consultant."
~Blair Massey, CA