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Helping men and women feel good about the way they look
through color and wardrobe advice.

Beauty For All Seasons, BFAS, Norma Virgin, Jeunique,  Finelle and  Beauty by Jeunique products available

BEAUTY MAKEOVERS are very vogue. Now you too can work on your own personal makeover with an image consultant. Style is what it is all about. Let Beauty help you find your own unique style and enhance you with a "before to after" look that will create a NEW YOU! 

Beauty For All Seasons, BFAS, Norma Virgin, Jeunique, Beauty by Jeunique, Color Me Beautiful, Flori Roberts, Adrien Arpel, and Gale Hayman products available.

As Your StyleMaker® Color Consultant and Beauty Consultant, I Can Help You -- Discover your best color palette . . . [ learn more about Jill here ]

Your skin, hair and eye colors combine in beautiful harmony. They, in turn, complement and harmonize with a palette of makeup and wardrobe colors as individual as your fingerprint.
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Image is important. People perceive qualities about you from the way you look. Your Professional Image makes a difference in your overall success. Now you can find out what it means to dress for success.


Your individualized Signia portfolio will show you how to:

  • Pick your best styles of clothing
  • Balance your body proportions
  • Identify hairstyles that work for your face shape
  • Find eyewear that becomes you
  • Plan your wardrobe for your lifestyle
  • Dress for success

As a StyleMaker® Consultant, with 20+ years experience, I am able to assist individuals or groups with their personal or career enhancement strategies. Also, for those interested in an image consultant training I have one scheduled each month.
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 Jill Wylot SytleMaker® Bio

Jill Wylot started her StyleMaker® business in 1983.  She describes her love for her business being the same today as when she began it.  She has never been bored a day in her life in this ongoing adventure.  Because of her enthusiasm for her business she has attained Business Women of the Year and other Honorary Awards with Beauty For All Seasons.

As a National Career Instructor for Beauty For All Seasons, now named Beauty by Jeunique, she has trained 100+ consultants in the image industry.  One of her greatest joys is seeing other women build strong successful StyleMaker® businesses.

She teaches Adult Education Classes on various image topics for Fairfax County Public Adult Education and Alexandria City Community Classes in Northern Virginia.  She has been teaching adult education classes for 20 years.  She feels it is very rewarding to teach men and women to feel good about the way they look.

She participates in military transition seminars by doing a 1 ½ hour program on Dressing for the Work Place and How to Dress For the Interview.

She taught Professional Image Classes on an ongoing basis for IBM for 2 years.

Examples of other companies she has given various seminars/classes to on Professional Dress for the Work Place:
• USDA Graduate School
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• Modeling School – Finishing class for the Professional Woman
• Virginia Business Education Association

Examples of organizations that she has given various presentations on image topics:
• Jaycees
• Army and Marine Officers Wives Club
• Christian Women’s Club
• Soroptomist Clubs

B.S. North Dakota State University 1971 
Image Consultant Training Certification with Beauty For All Seasons 1983
Corporate Image Training 1984
National Career Instructor Training 1996
Various other certifications in the Image Industry 2000-2007
She has had work experience in several other areas of business such as banking, travel, retail stores and government prior to starting her business.


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Do you have the qualities?
Here is a list of some of the qualities of the most successful consultants.

~Women who love beauty and fasion ~the transforming mircles of the best colors, styles, skin care and makeup

~Motivated self-starters who love to work with the others and see them succeed

~Women who prize their independence and believe in themselves.  They don't like working for someone else. They love the freedom of  owning their own business, choosing their own hours, and receiving recognition that matches wha they do

If you qualify contact,  Jill         at 1-800-770-0125  She will help you get started in your own business, full-time or part-time. 

"Helping men and women feel good about the way they look"  
through color and wardrobe advice.

Color Me Beautiful, Flori Roberts, Adrien Arpel, Gale Hayman, Beauty For All Seasons, BFAS, Norma Virgin, Jeunique, Finelle, and Beauty by Jeunique products availale.

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