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Get ideas on how to find your Personal Style Expression, show the colors trending this season along with styles that enhance the different body shapes, show the different looks in makeup and application techniques. Informative and fun!

About Jill N. Wylot, StyleMaker®

Jill in Manassas, VA
Jill Wylot started her color and image consulting business in 1983. She was passionate about her career since day one and found herself loving what she was doing. Since starting her business, Jill has never been bored, as she finds joy in her work. She finds it easy to work because it does not even feel like work. This hard work and enthusiasm for her business helped her attain Consultant of the Year with Color Me Beautiful in 2014. She has received the title of Business Woman of the Year and other honorary awards with Beauty For All Seasons and Beauty By Jeunique.
As International Career Instructor for Color Me Beautiful, and previously Beauty For All Seasons/Beauty by Jeunique, she has trained hundreds of consultants in the image industry. One of her greatest joys is seeing other women build strong, successful Image Consultant businesses.
Her consulting business enables her to encourage and service her clients who become friends through the years. For over 20 years, she has taught Adult Education Classes on various image topics. Jill taught for Fairfax County Public Adult Education, Alexandria City Community Classes in Northern Virginia and Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas Campus. She also taught Professional Image Classes on an ongoing basis for IBM for 2 years.
Jill has for several years participated in military transition seminars by doing a 1 1/2 hour program on Dressing for the Work Place and How to Dress for the Interview. She has helped with a photo shoot for Military Times.
She had the pleasure of doing an Image Awareness seminar for a Joint Military Defense Attache Class and also one on Image for the White House Media set-up staff.
Examples of other companies Jill has given various seminars/classes on Professional Dress for the Work Place:
  • Modeling School – Finishing class for the Professional Woman
  • USDA Graduate School
  • Virginia Business Education Association
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Phillip Morris
Examples of organizations that she has given various presentations on different on image topics:
  • Jaycees
  • Soroptomist Clubs
  • Army and Marine Officers Wives Club
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Christian Women's Club
  • Weight Watchers
Jill's Education & Certifications:
  • North Dakota State University 1971 BS
  • Image Consultant Training Certification with Beauty For All Seasons 1983
  • Corporate Image Training 1984
  • National Career Instructor Training 1996
  • Various Other Certifications in the Image Industry from 2000 - Present
Jill's work experience includes several other areas of business; such as banking, travel, retail stores, and government prior to starting her business.

Colorful Wave in Manassas, VA

My Color Alliance Journey - The Inside Story

Jill wearing Contrasting Panache Autumn in Manassas, VA
Contrasting Panache Autumn
In 1983, I was certified in the basic four seasons of color analysis with Beauty For All Seasons. Then in 1989 they offered the training on the Color Alliance Color System. I finally found where I belonged in my colors. I was a Contrasting Panache Autumn. Norma Virgin had designed this system of color, because many of us consultants were asking for more. We wanted and needed more palettes because not everyone was fitting neatly into the basic four seasons.
You see, I was someone who needed the citrus colors over the golds and mustards so neither the basic spring or autumn palettes were exactly right for me. When I received my Color Alliance Lifestyle color palette, I was in love with the Color Alliance system of color from that point on. I did not have to look back once because I was sold on the individuality of this palette that was fine-tuned to the hue, value, and chroma of my skin, hair, and eye color. The Lifestyle Palette was just the best! I had finally said "Yes, this is me!"
Since then, I have had the joy of introducing individualized palettes to my clients and transforming their lives through color. It is an exciting adventure to see women and men blossom in their very best colors.
To continue the saga of the Color Alliance journey, in 2000, Beauty For All Seasons merged with Jeunique becoming Beauty by Jeunique. With a new owner in the picture, my goal was to keep Color Alliance in our mix of services and products. I spent over 10 years as a cheerleader and advocate on this system of color. We had many years helping clients with this wonderful product. Then in 2010 the owner of the company passed away and the company was purchased for a short time by another person. Through it all I fought to keep the Color Alliance going strong.
When Jeunique closed it's doors, I knew we had to rescue this great system of color. Myself and several other consultants looked to Color Me Beautiful to continue in this business we love. Steve DiAntonio, CEO of Color Me Beautiful, is a great entrepreneur and always innovative in building the Color Me Beautiful business. When I approached him about purchasing the Color Alliance system of color, he did his research and the rest is history. We have had our beloved Color Alliance system of color analysis back on-line for over 4 years now and we are busy about our business. And that is the story of my journey with Color Alliance.
Thanks to Color Alliance you can have your own palette of 40 colors selected for you alone. Now, state-of-the-art color analysis involves precise matching of your hair, skin, and eye colors using mathematically precise Color Alliance Coordinates™. I will select colors that represent your best overall coloring, then input them into the computer to assure you your palette is uniquely yours. There are approximately 4,000,000 possible palette combinations.
Do you know that my favorite art course in college was where I had to take paints and come up with my skin, hair, and eye color? Then I had to design 3 outfits for my body line and colors. And now this is what I do for my livelihood! I love working with color and style to help men and women see the importance of it in their image.
To discover your Color Alliance, contact Jill at and arrange for a consultation.