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Get ideas on how to find your Personal Style Expression, show the colors trending this season along with styles that enhance the different body shapes, show the different looks in makeup and application techniques. Informative and fun!

Personalized Image Services

Color has three perceptual attributes: hue, value, and chroma. The following describes the Color Alliance color analysis process. To analyze the hue, value, and chroma of your skin, hair and eye color, Jill, your certified Color Alliance consultant uses color coordinates. The colors will be selected for the best overall representation of your personal coloring. The coordinate numbers are entered into the computer for the seasonal name.
Jill then uses fabric drapes in comparative colors so you can see for yourself the "magic of color". You will find your very own harmony of colors for wardrobe and makeup.
Colorful Clothes - color analysis in Manassas, VA

Color Alliance – Color Analysis

$150.00 for Men and Women

What colors make you look healthier and more vibrant? You can have your own "Before to After" transformation. From the analysis results, a custom palette is made of 40 colors that harmonize with your coloring. Advice is given on wardrobe coordination. The palette comes in a small zippered case - perfect for shopping. You will apply your best makeup colors with some new techniques which completes your transformation.

Signia – Silhouette Analysis – $150.00 for Men and Women

What type of hairstyles or eye glass shapes work best on you? Do you know what is your best style in clothing, neckline, or accessories? Discover this and more with a Signia Consultation, a computerized silhouette analysis.
As you find out your face shape and body balance, you'll learn what styles harmonize the best with you, as well as how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and add or minimize height and weight.
You'll also learn what clothing qualities to look for and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe. A guidebook written just for you is included to assist you as you shop.
Book - wardrobe advice in Manassas, VA
Clothing - wardrobe advice in Manassas, VA

Closet Audit - Assessing Your Wardrobe

$75.00 per Hour (Two-Hour Minimum)

You generally wear only 10% of what is in your closet. Find out how to avoid wasting the other 90%, and make smart choices when clothes shopping. Jill will go shopping in your closet and help you put together outfits that suits your coloring, body silhouette, and personal life style. It will be fun and educational, providing you with helpful tips on how to dress your best, while simplifying your wardrobe so you don't waste any more money on clothing you won't wear. Clear the clutter in your closet and enjoy a wardrobe that works!
When you need help to put together a wardrobe that is both flattering and versatile, Jill is here to assist. She can help you decide what to get rid of and what to keep, as well as provide tips and suggestions on styles to look for when shopping for your new wardrobe.

Personal Shopping – $75.00 per Hour

If you want to be confident you are investing wisely in your wardrobe purchases, she will shop with you to make sure the pieces you purchase go with your lifestyle, coloring and body shape. She will also suggest pieces that interchange so that you have more versatility and save money in the long run.

Image Updates – 45 minute class $65.00

Keep current with the up-to-date information on fashion and makeup trends each spring and fall. It is the perfect time to freshen your look. You will get an overview of all the new styles and colors with my recommendations for your coloring and body line, a mini-facial with suggestions for dealing with your skin care challenges, and a cosmetic makeover in the new fashion colors.
With this information you will learn to build on what you know already works for you and make small changes where needed in order not to look dated. All of this will help you project success as you enjoy all areas of your life. Bring your palette to experiment with new wardrobe color combinations.
Fashion - wardrobe advice in Manassas, VA
Eye Palettes - color analysis in Manassas, VA

Professional Color Palette – $150.00 for Men & Women

A different specialized color palette of forty colors will help you coordinate your professional or lifestyle wardrobe. Learn how to use psychology of color to tailor your look for different settings and situations. Get that extra edge toward success from a look that expresses your trustworthiness, competence, creativity, friendliness, or authority – whichever is most appropriate for your lifestyle or career.

Corporate/Nonprofit Presentations and Workshops

Jill Wylot has experience in working in the corporate realm and can identify with the importance of the image.
If your corporation or non-profit business is looking for a speaker or teacher she has many different topics to choose from for your organizations image needs. From brown bag luncheons to all day workshops, she will be able to tailor a program you envision for your company.
Business Meeting - Image Services in Manassas, VA
"As a recent graduate, I found I needed a more polished look for the workplace. I had no idea how important it was to wear colors that enhanced me and styles of clothing that worked for both my body shape and the professional look. It was great to see how it all came together."
~ Group Property Sales Manager