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Get ideas on how to find your Personal Style Expression, show the colors trending this season along with styles that enhance the different body shapes, show the different looks in makeup and application techniques. Informative and fun!

Glamour Makeup and Age-Defying Skin Care

Color Alliance makes selecting makeup colors a science and how to apply them an art. The look will fit any lifestyle, from artist to corporate executive. There will be no more frustration or wasted money once you discover your harmony of colors.
For example, the makeup colors selected below harmonizes with the description of the Azure coloring.
True Azure Summer Description:
Classification Azure - Soft pink skin tones harmonize with medium rose-tinged to ash-brown hair. Eye colors are from the purple blue range. A Glamorous Start Makeup Collection of eyeshadows, lipstick, etc. will be selected according to your personal coloring.
Brown Powder - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
Brown Cream - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
Pink Poweder - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
Pink Powder2  - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
Pink Line - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
Blue Wave - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
Blue Powder - Color Makeup in Manassas, VA
"I love my Color Alliance Lifestyle Palette! It has colors that harmonize beautifully with me, which makes it easy to shop and organize my wardrobe. My palette of makeup colors is selected according to the research on what enhances my True Azure Summer coloring. I look great, and it saves me money!"
~ Mom, Part-time Consultant
You will be able to find your own Glamorous Start makeup colors.
  • No more guesswork in finding the perfect foundation color
  • Eye shadows that will make your eye color pop
  • Blush and lipstick tailored to you

Makeup Chart - makeup in Manassas, VA
WHAT ARE YOUR COLORS? Call today for your PERSONAL consultation!

The Glamorous Start Makeup Collection

Jill is pleased to introduce The Glamorous Start Collection from Color Me Beautiful and Flori Roberts. This makeup collection contains all the products you need to create a glamorous look at a special price, giving you the jump start you need to look your very best. Colors will be individually selected for your coloring. The Glamorous Start collection can only be ordered directly through Jill via email or phone call.
The Color Me Beautiful Glamorous Start Collection is valued at $194.50 but is available to you for only $145.00, saving you $49.50. Item #925034
This collection, in your choice of colors, includes:
  • One Camouflage Concealer
  • One Moisture Complex Liquid Foundation or Morning Light Diffusing Cream Foundation
  • One Color Sense Mineral Blush
  • One Lip Pencil
  • One Lipstick
  • One Translucent Loose Powder or Mineral Loose Foundation Powder
  • Three Color Sense Single Eye Shadows
  • One Chroma Soft Eye Pencil
  • One Sensitive Mascara
  • One Lip Gloss

Makeup - skin care products in Manassas, VA
The Flori Roberts Glamorous Start Collection is valued at $170.50 but is available to you for only $128.00, saving you $42.50. Item #62785
This collection, in your choice of colors, includes:
  • One Corrective Concealer
  • One Foundation
  • One Radiance Blush
  • One Lip Contour Pencil
  • Two Mineral Lip Shine Glosses, Two Lip Lacquers, or Two Lipsticks
  • One Pressed Powder
  • One Signature Eye Shadow Trios or One Loose Mineral Eye Shadow
  • One Contour Eye Pencil
  • One Luxury Mascara

Makeup Set - makeup in Manassas, VA
Jill represents this great selection of cosmetics and skincare through Color Me Beautiful. The products are an excellent quality and a good competitive price. Visit Jill's site at to see more of the large selection of products in all these brands. You will go to that site and see her name. Then click on Shop All Brands and sign in as a new client. Jill will be sending out newsletters to all that enroll on her site to give you specifics on what is in fashion for this fall in color and style as well as any special offers. Email her with any questions about what colors and special products are recommended for your coloring or special type of need.
Product - skin care products in Manassas, VA

AlphaCeuticals Daily Routine for Morning & Evening

Look your very best with age-defying skin care. She offers several brands of skin care; Color Me Beautiful, Flori Roberts, Adrien Arpel, and Gale Hayman. There is a wide variety of cleansers, toners, serums, exfoliators, moisturizers, and great anti-aging specialty products. She has something for everyone's skin care needs from young to more mature skin. AlphaCeuticals are some of her star products for daily cleansing and maintenance.
Follow Jill's four simple steps to beautiful, healthy, and younger-looking skin. Your skin will glow with the following beauty regimen:
  • AlphaCeutical Wash: Fruit acids and an aloe vera gel are combined in this powerful, purifying wash to rinse away impurities and detoxify and protect the skin. To use, dampen your face and place a small amount of the wash on your ring and middle fingers. Gently massage in circles upward and outward. Rinse off.
  • AlphaCeutical Toner: This type of toner balances and normalizes the skin. Natural fruit extracts of kiwi, key lime, and lemon rinse deep into the pores to sweep away any remaining debris. To use, dab a bit of the toner on a cotton pad and rub it outward and around your eyes, making sure to avoid the eyelids.
  • AlphaCeutical Serum 5: This unique formula contains glycolic acid, derived from natural sugar cane and maple sugar. The serum helps break up the glue-like bonding of dead cells, giving you softer and smoother skin and diminishing the appearance of any fine lines and skin discolorations. Your skin will look clearer and younger with continued use. To use, apply a small amount to your face and rub in an upward and outward motion around the eyes, avoiding the eyelids.
  • AlphaCeutical Moisture Cream: Designed specifically for use with the AlphaCeutical System, this luxurious cream is used after the AlphaCeutical Serum. It is packed with vitamins and lactic acid, leaving your skin beautifully hydrated both day and night. To use, dab a small amount in your hand and rub on your face in an upward and outward motion.
Contact Jill to get started with healthier, younger looking skin or put together a collection of colors specific to your seasonal name and coloring.